Ability to Alter Skill Points per Level in a Single Class Dynamically

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  • Variables Used (x): Class Key Name
  • Variables Used (x): SELF (Special Case - Must Be used inside the Applicable Class)
    • I'd almost say 'CURRENTCLASS' should replace 'SELF'
  • Variables Used (y): Level Number
  • Variables Used (y): ALL (Applies to All Levels)
  • Variables Used (z): Number, Formula or Variable
    • Special Case for Feat/Ability
  • Variables Used (x): CURRENTCLASS
  • Variables Used (y): TAKEN

Currently we have a similar tag, but it's not retro-active. It must be taken and applied BEFORE the level in question is taken. This is a Data Solution which also requires a Code Change in how skills are gained and stored.

We need to expand upon this to hit upon another issue. Granting Bonus Skill Points to a Current Class from an ability or feat.

I'm adding:

  • Variables Used (x): CURRENTCLASS
  • Variables Used (y): TAKEN

Example of Usage:

Feat that grants Five Skills Points when Taken


This would Apply 5 Skills points to the Current Class at the Level when this is taken. I believe this will definitely require CDOM technology to be fully implemented