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PCGen Project Administration Catastrophic Plan of Action

The Following people shall handle the main aspects for the follow systems under the influence of the PCGen Project:

  • Format [System - Who to Notify (Primary person responsible)]

  • JIRA - James Dempsey (Code SB) or Andrew Maitland (Admin SB)
  • WIKI - Andrew Maitland (Admin SB) or Anestis K. (Web 2nd)
  • Website - Anestis K. (Web 2nd) or Andrew Maitland (Admin SB)
  • Mailing Lists - Andrew Maitland or Martjin
  • Hudson - James Dempsey or Tom Parker
  • Joomla - Anestis or Andrew

Plan of Action

All Systems Shall have in place a routine and regularly scheduled systemic back up plan Backups shall have a secondary location apart from the main server in case of physical plant failure In the case of failure, the backup shall be used to restore data; a notification shall be made to the Admin SB for documentation of failure and use of a back up. For the Yahoo Groups - Since we have no control over these groups it is Admins' recommendation that any vital files have a copy kept on the VPS server as a back up. Sensitive Files shall have a secure location only accessible by the proper PCGen members - namely any Board of Director Silverback or 2nds.

Personnel Redundancy Policy

Life, accidents and sudden departures of critical and experienced personnel are a continual risk in any open source project; therefore for the Areas under the influence by the PCGen Project shall have a minimum of two "Admin" or "Highest Level" privileges members for each such item that requires administration privileges to maintain and or operate. The Recommended Program Admins shall be the Primary PCGen Team Silverback or designated 2nd to have the most Influence in that area, as well as the Admin Team SB or the designated Admin team person. For projects with a higher risk assessment (loss of influence could negatively impact team productivity) it is highly recommended more admins be used.

Program Administrators selection shall be made on the following basis:

  • 1) Needs access for Team Use - Modification, Maintenance, etc for daily operation
  • 2) Familiarity with System (Able to handle any problems that arise without needing additional support)
  • 3) Reliable and Trusted (Has been with the project for a minimum of six months with a good standing/track record, or is personally recommended by a trusted source of the PCGen Project).

In accordance with good business practices, this plan shall be reviewed at a minimum yearly basis for accuracy and shall be updated upon the addition or removal of any system dedicated to the PCGen Project.

  Draft version 0.01 by Andrew Maitland current Admin Silverback on July 5th of 2010
  Approved by:
  Implementation date: