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Set Up

Hi Folks,

Okay - let's make sure we have consistency. IF you are able, I would like you to get set up to use Subversion, if for nothing else, than to be able to download updates. If you want full access, then let me know - steps for Read and Write Access are found on this page -

You'll need to give me your Source Forge User ID to add you to the project to do any commits.

For grabbing the Advanced Players Guide to test/help -



Read Only:



Okay these are the outstanding items I need help with:

I highly recommend a Text Editor for doing this - I use EditPlus, but there are a ton of others out.

So, three tasks:

  • Task 1 is setting up the types to deactivate the class abilities
  • Task 2 is determining bonuses and applying them
  • Task 3 is actual testing of the Archetypes


  • Line 314 and below - I need to have the correct 'TYPEs' to disable to main class abilities. This can be broken down into two three steps:
  • Step 1: Find the Statement in each ability for what it replaces
  • Step 2: Copy that statement apart from the DESC under the Archetype Master Ability
  • Step 3: Change the Statement into the TYPE
    • Example:
    • Replaces Weapon Training 1 would become 'FighterWeaponTraining1',
    • Replaces Bardic Performance would become 'BardBardicPerformance',
    • Replaces Wild Shape would become 'DruidWildShape'

Note the pattern, the Class Archetype always starts with 'Class' Then the AbilityName with no spaces

Once we have the proper TYPEs, these can either be given to me, or you can place them on the Archetype TYPE list (PERIOD Delimited). One copy goes in the TYPE list, and then another is placed in the PRExxx list, the difference is ',TYPE' before each entry.

Each Description line that is finished should be placed back on the same line as the originating Ability.


Determining which abilities grant a CONSTANT bonus to the Character (Anything that isn't circumstantial). I.e. always gets a +1 to AC, vs. +1 to AC only against Kobolds.

Once those abilities are identified one of two things needs to happen:

  • Non-LST Savvy Monkey - Noting each ability and what it should grant.
  • LST Savvy Monkey - Code the Bonus or Ability or AbilityPool.

(If in doubt, note it and I'll handle it)


Testing each Archetype to make sure it works.

  • 1) It appears for the correct Race
  • 2) No Errors
  • 3) Abilities that should be replaced are being replaced, and replacement abilities are being displayed
  • ---When the Coding is in place
  • 4) Proper Bonuses are appearing

QA Monkey Volunteers for this assignment:

  • ben
  • scttmeyer
  • jon.catron