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If you are interested in Beta Testing then go ahead and continue reading this. If a buggy set or version of pcgen is not what you had in mind then don't bother reading further.

Testing non-release sets - These are the HIGH in demand sets that people want to play with now. These don't have installers and are NOT ready for public use. USE THESE AT YOUR OWN RISK. They can and will change and create a need to remake character on a frequent basis.

Test Alpha versions of PCGen - These often have new features and associated Bugs.

What is needed as a Tester. You need to report to the Head Monkey in charge of the Set. It's best to report any and all problems on the PCGen Experimental Site.


PAIZO = Advanced Player's Guide

  • What you need:

For our Mac Users

  • You'll need to right-click (Command-Click) on the PCGen application and pull down to "Show Package Contents".
  • You'll get a window that shows a "Contents" folder.
  • Navigate to the Contents/Resources/Java folder and you will see a moderate list of files and folders, one of which is the "data" folder.

For our Linux Users

Easiest on Linux is to install subversion, to build from sources and then to enable the APG LST files. This is not hard.

# install subversion and PCGen build environment on Debian or derivatives like Ubuntu
apt-get install subversion ant

# create a place to build and checkout sources
mkdir pcgen-5.16.x/
svn checkout pcgen-5.16.x/ 

# build
cd pcgen-5.16.x/
cd pcgen/
ant build

# enable APG by default for Pathfinder mode
echo "PCC:@data/alpha/paizo/pathfinder_rpg/advanced_players_guide/pfapg.pcc" >> data/alpha/paizo/pathfinder_rpg/pathfinder_rpg_for_gms.pcc

# start PCGen
# Then choose Pathfinder RPG for DMs