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Bryan McRoberts is the original author of PCGen and retains the title of Benevolent Dictator. PCGen began as a way to learn Java starting in October of 2000, and there were typically 2 or 3 releases a day! The feature requests and bug reports came in so fast, that I agreed to take the project to Sourceforge in April 2001 so others could help more directly with all that needed to be done. Since spawning off a company, Code Monkey Publishing (notice a monkey theme?), my involvement in PCGen itself is fairly limited - I'm quite happy to let the BoD do whatever it thinks it needs to do. I still contribute code from time to time, and I think that PCGen will continue to reach new heights because of the great people that are putting so much wonderful effort into it.

Contact Details

Timezone GMT+6
Email merton_monkATyahooDOTcom
MSN ID merton_monkATyahooDOTcom
Yahoo Chat ID merton_monk
Jabber -
IRC merton_monk
Google Talk -

Other Tasks

  • Administrate - Help make any 'Big' decisions that affect fundamental aspects of PCGen
  • Code - Help out with coding (or answering questions about why older portions of code were done the way they were)