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Chris Chandler, aka Barak, has been a member of the PCGen team since 2001.

Chris started by working on the output sheets and became the OS SilverBack. During that time he worked with the code and data teams to create the new (now old and familiar) "Weapon Block" that displays all of the various ways you may use a weapon to attack and all the proper attack numbers for doing so, saving an immense amount of space on the output sheets. He also began dabbling in dataset creation through this period.

When CMP was incorporated Chris began working for them on a contractor basis doing output sheets and data sets. Chris eventually became their content manager, first for the PCGen side and later responsibility for the eTools data portion of their business was added. During this period his time was at such a premium he stepped down as the OS SilverBack, feeling that he could not contribute enough time to do the position the justice it deserved. Unfortunately WotC declined to renew the CMP license eventually (to clear the path for 4e apparently) so that era ended at the end of 2006.

Since that time Chris has served as CMP Liason to the PCGen Board of Directors and assisted the data team with the design of new functionality for PCGen.

In July of 2010 Chris accepted the position of Content Silverback for the PCGen Project and now leads the Data, Output and Documentation teams.


Team Rank
Content Silverback
Content - Output Sheets Chimp
Content - Data Chimp
Content - Documentation Gibbon

Contact Details

Timezone GMT -5 (US EST)
Yahoo Chat ID Barak20021
SF ID BarakO

General Tasks

  • Help with development specifications to enhance PCGen.
  • Helping users with data/output questions

Previous Duties

  • CMP Liason
    • Begin the development process for feature requests needed by CMP
    • Report/highlight bugs that are critical to CMP dataset functionality
    • Consult with the PCGen Architecture team to ensure continued CMP dataset functionality