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Chuck Pint member of the PCGen team since 2003. Started off as a member of the QA team. Joined the Output Sheet (OS) team in March 2004. Became OS Chimp and 2nd later in 2004.

Chuck has been a DM for the last 30 years. Wrote his own character generator program for AD&D (now know as 1st edition). Also wrote a generation program for Car Wars. After switching to 2nd edition, was an often contributor to fixing the Core Rules program. Was on a first name basis with the lead programmer. When his group switched to 3rd edition, tried using e-tools. Discovered PCGen in 2002, and has never looked back. Switched to 3.5 when that came out, and used Code Monkey Publishing's data sets. Hated 4.0, and has now switched to Pathfinder.

Teams I belong to

Team Rank
Content - Output Sheets Chimp

Contact Details

Timezone GMT -6 (US CST)
SF ID chuckpint

General Tasks

  • Working on bugs and FREQs for output sheets
  • Helping users with output sheet questions