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Here we will keep a list or requests for new sources. Once a source has been picked up and is being worked on it will be removed from here and moved to New Data Source Development issue tracking system where its progress can be tracked. Keep in mind that this will happen only if a volunteer has taken a fancy to the source and has started working on it.


Also just because a source is requested does not mean it can or will ever make it into PCGen, the source must be Open Game Content for this to happen (or we have to gain explicit permission, see [Permissions] for the permissions we do have, both for the data sets requested below and others).

Why is book <X> not included in PCGen?

There are a few possible causes for this situation and the explanation hold true for both datasets that have never been in PCGen and some which have been in PCGen but were removed.

  1. If the book is closed content, then we may not have permission from the publisher, or may not have permission to include enough data to allow the data to be useful to our users.
  2. If the book if partially or completely OGL content, then we still require permission from the publisher because the publisher name and book title are both trademarks. Under the OGL, we require permission to use those to identify the source of the data. We believe if we cannot identify the source of the data, then the value to PCGen users is lost (how do you find the data?), so we will not include a dataset for that source.
  3. It is possible that PCGen does not have the features to support a sufficient amount of the data from a given source, and thus is not included in our production release (or is included as an alpha source)

If you find we are unable to publish data for a source you are interested in, you may wish to contact the publisher directly to express your interest in having a dataset for PCGen available (either a free one distributed by PCGen or a commercial dataset distributed by the publisher or a third party).


This is the wishlist, most of these products we have asked permission for, please see the Permissions section above to see if we are allowed to do this data set. If we are, feel free to try and persuade one of our Data Monkeys to do it!

Publisher Product Permissions Status
Alderac Entertainment Group Modern Arms Guide
Alderac Entertainment Group Rokugan Campaign Setting
Alderac Entertainment Group Stargate D20 Insufficient Permission
Dark Sun Insufficient Permission
Dragonlance Insufficient Permission
Dreamscarred Press
Dreamscarred Press Untapped Potential
Eden Studios All Flesh must be Eaten PL Request, Old Tracker
Good Man Games Complete guide to Drow Permission Denied
Green Ronin Armies of the Abyss Insufficient Permission
Green Ronin Book of Fiends Insufficient Permission
Green Ronin Legions of Hell Insufficient Permission
Green Ronin The Unholy Warrior's Handbook Insufficient Permission
Guardians of Order BESM d20
Guardians of Order Silver Age Sentinels d20
Kenzer and Co. Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting Insufficient Permission
Morrigan Press Talislanta d20
Mystara 3e
Paradigm Concepts Tales of the Caliphate Nights
Paizo Pathfinder Adventure Path Permissioned under Paizo's Community Use Policy
Paizo Pathfinder Adventure's Armory Permissioned under Paizo's Community Use Policy
Paizo Pathfinder Seekers of Secrets Permissioned under Paizo's Community Use Policy
RPGA Living Greyhawk Insufficient Permission
RPGA Legend of the Green Regent Insufficient Permission
RPGA Living Arcanis Insufficient Permission
RPG Realms Traveller T20: The Traveller's Handbook
Sword and Sorcery Studios Ravenloft Campaign Setting Insufficient Permission
Sword and Sorcery Studios Gamma World Player's Handbook  ???
Sword and Sorcery Studios Gamma World Machines & Mutants  ???
Sword and Sorcery Studios A Game of Thrones RPG d20 OGL  ???
Sword and Sorcery Studios Player's Guide to Rangers and Rogues
Sword and Sorcery Studios Relics & Rituals - 3.5 conversion
Wizards of the Coast Unearthed Arcana@@@ OGL Portion

@@@The OGC portion of this (almost all of it) is in active development

@@@@The parts of this book that are in the RSRD have already been included in the datasets