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Eric C Smith, aka Maredudd, aka Tenacious Monkey, has been a member of the PCGen team since Sept/Oct of '06.


Team Rank
Admin - Release Chimp (Mac and OOC Releases)
Admin - Tracker Chimp
Admin - Website Tamarin
Content - Documentation 2nd
Content - Data Chimp
PR - Publisher Liaison Chimp
PR - Data License Chimp
PR - Advertising Chimp

Contact Details

Timezone GMT -5 (US EST)
AIM ID Maredudd
Yahoo Chat ID maredudd800
SF ID maredudd800
Web Site


  • Documentation Trackers
  • New Tag Trackers
  • Data Trackers
  • New Source Trackers

General Tasks

  • General Doc 2nd duties
  • Performing OGL reviews on new data sets.
  • Work documentation issues.

Specific Documentation Tasks

* Documentation Style Review Status page.

Specific Data Tasks