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The remainders here are saved for archival purposes at the moment (they are a few useful tidbits the code folks don't want to retype from scratch)

Please see Setting up the new Formula System

General Comments and Limitations

When possible, use integers. The system is capable of doing integer arithmetic, so 1+2 will produce 3, whereas 1.0+2.0 may produce 2.9999999999999.

Known Limitations:

  • Is not intended to cover unreasonably high numbers
  • There is at least one UI problem, in that the UI doesn't realize that the PRExxx status of an EqMod can dynamically changes when another EqMod is added. The EqMod in question has to be selected to turn red.

New Global Modifier Tokens

MODIFY: and MODIFYOTHER: (see below for the global tokens) are legal in the Global Modifier file. No other tokens are legal.

Tokens must appear one per line in the Global Modifier file