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PCGen has been blessed with an amazing amount of volunteers over the course of its history. A historical listing of those who have contributed (past and present) can be seen in the Contributors section of our Documentation. The current team is listed below:

Active Volunteers

These volunteers are currently active on the PCGen project

SF Team Name Real Name SF ID Yahoo ID AIM ID ICQ Teams
Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson nuance ytitendi - - C, Da
Anestis Kozakis Anestis Kozakis kenosti xeno_h Xeno1970 837313 B, W
Barak Chris Chandler barako Barak20021 - - B, Da, Do, O
chuckpint Chuck Pint chuckpint chuckpint - - B, O
Connor Petty Connor Petty cpmeister mistercpp2000 MrBooyah314 - A, C
Devon Jones Devon Jones soulcatcher hunterd_us - - A, (formerly B), C
Doug Limmer Doug Limmer distant-scholar - - - Da
elrotheonk Paul Shipley elrotheonk pshipley - - Da
Chris Griffin Chris Griffin gjorbjond - - - Da
Gabriel Sorrel Gabriel Sorrel moogle0001 moogle0001 - - A, C
James Dempsey James Dempsey jdempsey james_dempsey_au tallandir 21047253 A, B, C, R, W
Kim Winz Kim Winz kwinz kwinz - - C
LegacyKing Andrew Maitland amaitland drew0500 paramedic4553 5830737 B, Da, Do, O, R, T, W, P
Martijn Verburg Martijn Verburg karianna karianna03 karianna02 39886145 B, C, Da, Do, O, T, W
Maredudd Eric C Smith maredudd800 maredudd800 Maredudd - Ad, B, Da, Do, DL, P, T, W, R
Paul Grosse Paul Grosse nylanfs Nylanfs Nylan8 14397299 Ad, B, Da, DL, P, T
Stefan Radermacher Stefan Radermacher zaister zaister - 6510566 C, Da, Do, W

Passive Volunteers

These volunteers are currently passive on the PCGen project, that usually means they have insightful things to say on our internal mailing lists, but don't have enough time left over from RL to add code etc :). Please do not remove these people from SF

SF Team Name Real Name SF ID Yahoo ID AIM ID ICQ Teams
Bryan McRoberts Bryan McRoberts merton_monk merton_monk - - B,C
B. K. Oxley (binkley) B. K. Oxley binkley - - - C
Greg Bingleman Greg Bingleman byngl gsbingl - - C
Paul M. Lambert Paul M. Lambert plambert - - - -
Thomas Clegg Thomas Clegg arknight - - - C

Inactive Volunteers

These volunteers are currently inactive on the PCGen project

SF Team Name Real Name SF ID Yahoo ID AIM ID ICQ Teams
David R. Bender David R. Bender papa_drb Papa_DRB - - Ad, B, Da, P, Q, T
Henk Slaaf Henk Slaaf henkslaaf2 - - - Da
Alec Ross Alec Ross haelduksf haelduksf haelduksf 50824602 C
Andrew McDougall Andrew McDougall tir-gwaith tir_gwaith TirGwaith - Ad, B, C, Da, Do, DL, R, O, T, W
Aaron Divinsky Aaron Divinsky boomer70 boomer70 - - C, Da, Do
Andargor - Andargor andargor - - C, Da
Thomas Cooper Thomas Cooper lordoxide - - - C, D, W
Tod Milam Tod Milam tmilam twmilam - - C, Da, R
Tom Parker Tom Parker thpr thpr - - A, B, C, T
Zacharia Bickley Zacharia Bickley kapnbanjo - - - -
Paul W. King Paul W. King kingpaul pkingdnd ShutUpPaul - B, Da, DL, O, P, T
Per Christian Henden Per Christian Henden perchrh perchrh - 48325984 C
Peter Yovich Peter Yovich pyovich pyovich - - Da
Phantom of Krankor Phantom of Krankor y2krankor - - - Da
Robert Ward Robert Ward rward30 rward_30 - - R
Shelley Shelley Stephen takenote61 takenote61 takenote61 - Da
ankur rathi Ankur Rathi ankurrathi - - - C
Arjan van Ginneken Arjan van Ginneken Sjappo Arjan_van_Ginneken - - Da
Brad Stiles Brad Stiles bsmeister - - - C, R
Dark Mike - swtrse - - - C
Dave Cheever David Cheever takeyabue - - - Do
Eddy Anthony Eddy Anthony eddyanthony eddyanthony - - (formerly B), C, Da, Do, O, R, T, W
Fitzs Terry FitzSimons fitzs Fitzsimons_T_J - - Da, Do
Fluxxdog Michael W. Fender fluxxdog fluxxdog fluxxdog 346992562 Da, Do, O, T
Hades Lucifer - hadeslucifer - - - C
Jason Buchanan Jason Buchanan lonejedi - CMPLoneJedi70 - C
Jayme Cox Jayme Cox jaymecox - - - C
Jonas Karlsson Jonas Karlsson jujutsunerd pjak jonask42 2345481 C
MotorViper Mark Jeffries motorviper MotorViper C
apsen Andriy Sen apsen - - - C
Bart Bart Rompelman necrodeath - - - T
Bill Bill Neumann lodivigo - - - -
Brian - telechus - - - C
Briarius Brian Spurling briarius sirbriarius SirBriari1 9007056 -
Chad - litesgod - - - -
Charles Chuck Hazard chuckhazard - - - -
Charles Burkett Charles Burkett Kyth Charlesb_06 Phule50000 - Do, P
Schporto Chris Donohue chrisdonohue - - - -
Dan Parks Dan Parks dbd22 misanthropiclo thedbd22 - C
David Lim David Lim aberrant80 aberrant80 - - Do
David David Rosenthal rimbeaux - - - W
David Saulnier David Saulnier dsaulinar - - - Da
deltadave David Lockwood deltadave roninkelt deltadave - -
Dennis Baker Dennis Baker mtbOgre - mtbogre - Da
Eduard Martinescu Eduard Martinescu arvoreen - - - C
Edwin C Holley Edwin C Holley glasswalker GlassWalkerTheurge1968 - - R
Eric Jarman Eric Jarman oracleofbargth - - - C, Da
Frank Kliewe Frank Kliewe frank_kliewe frank_kliewe - - Da, Do, O, T
gawaine42 Richard Bowers gawaine42 richardsbowers richardsbowers - O
Jason Horner Jason Horner jlhorner1974 jlhorner1974 - - Da, O
Jasper Spaans Jasper Spaans jasperspaans jasperspaans - - C
Joe Frazier, Jr. Joe Frazier, Jr. jfrazierjr joefrazierjr jfrazierjr - C
John Zittlau John Zittlau naarok naarok naarok17 - -
Josh Josh Johnston pucspifo - - - -
Julio Esslinger Viegas Julio Esslinger Viegas julio_ev - - - C
Dracorat Keith Ratliff dracorat - - - -
Kent Behrends Kent Behrends bci kent_behrends KentAtBci - -
Kevin Fernandes Kevin Fernandes darkstorm999 kevin_fernandes01453 darkstorm0000 - C
Koen Van Daele Koen Van Daele vandaelek koen_van_daele Kador99 - C, W
Kurt Wimmer Kurt Wimmer kwimmer - - - C
Michael Beaver Michael Beaver michaelbeaver - - - B
Michael Durant Michael Durant miked_msn miked_msn - - Do
Michael Gray Michael Gray mhgj - - - Da
Mike - javadrinker - - - -
Peter Barker Peter Barker pjdb - - - C
PK Lucas PK Lucas pklucas pklucas - - -
Phillip Ryan Phillip Ryan historyphil phillipryan49 - - Da
Ratheof Blithwyn Anders Lindgren blithwyn - - - Da
Reed Thornton Reed Thornton rthornton13 - - - -
Rick Ryker Rick Ryker kerrik rick_ryker Rick Ryker - C
Sigurdur H. Olafsson Sigurdur H. Olafsson sholafsson - - - Do
Theryon Stormrune David T Jacobson shadowcat - - - R
Tistur Miriam Sexton tistur gryphondreams tistur - Do
tlavalle Tony Lavalle tlavalle - - - C, O
Tymophil Philippe Aube tymophil_fr - - - -
Vincent Vincent Yanda lunaticlord lunaticlord - - -
Walter Duncan Walter Duncan wduncan - - - C
Walter Duncan Walter Duncan pcgen_autobuild - - - C

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