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Our code repository is stored here on GITHUB.COM

We will attempt to follow best practices with this tool. We host several projects, the main one is pcgen which is the main program.

If you wish to be a contributor, fork a copy of the repo, clone your fork to your electronic device, and then checkout/branch with either a JIRA ID (if working on a bug/feature in JIRA) or a descriptive name. Once happy that the feature/bug is completed, ADD the changes/COMMIT the changes/PUSH the changes to your remote. Then submit a PR (Pull Request) from your branch to the PCGen repo.

Our team recommends the following programs over the "Github for Windows/Mac" tool:


  • Source Tree by Atlassian (Free Commercial Product Window 7 or higher only - GUI interface)
  • TortoiseGIT Shell Integration


  • Source Tree by Atlassian (Free Commercial Product OS X 10.6+ - GUI interface)


  • TBA