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James Dempsey - currently Code Silverback (SB). I joined the project in mid 2001 and since then have worked in most areas of the code, but in particular the GUI and the output sheet code. My most recent major change was guiding the Ability changes to completion and before that the revamp of the Spells Tab.

I've been a professional programmer since 1988 and have been working in Java full time since 1998. I've been playing role playing games since 1981 including all editions of D&D, all editions of Traveller as well as Shadowrun, Rolemaster etc. Up until July 2008 I was an administrator of the region of Ratik and before that Perrenland in the [[1]] campaign.

I am currently working on... bringing the new user interface up to production standard.

Teams I belong to

Team Rank
Code Silverback
Release 2nd

Contact Details

Timezone AEDT (UTC +11:00)
Email jdempsey@users.sourceforge.net
Yahoo IM james_dempsey_au
Google Chat james.dempsey@gmail.com