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A list of what to do to join the code team

General steps

  1. Get a Yahoo Groups id.
  2. Be sure to subscribe to the Developer's mailing list
  3. Introduce yourself on the list
  4. Find the pcgen project on Yahoo! Groups and join.
  5. Get as many IM IDs as possible (most people use Pidgin, Meebo or Gaim) and get online with them.
  6. Also join the IRC channel #pcgen on ~DALnet & ~Freenode, we have our meetings and group discussions there in real time.
  7. Get the latest official version of PCGen from SF and run it.
  8. Get an id at GitHub.
  9. Find the pcgen repository and fork it.

Your first change

  1. Get your development environment set up
  2. Select an issue that interests you, either from our issues flagged as bitsize in the Code and New Tag projects, or one you have encountered.
  3. Build a fix that fixes the bug or implements the new feature
  4. Test the fix, preferably by writing a unit test
  5. Submit the fix as a pull request to the pcgen repository.
  6. Your pull request will be reviewed and friendly feedback provided by one of the team.

Joining the team

  1. Once your pull request (PR) is accepted and merged, you're part of the code team.
  2. Your second PR should be adding your name to the team listing!
  3. Put your details in this wiki under the Code team!

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!