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Andrew Maitland

I'm the Silverback (Team Leader) for the Contentteam. I get to manage the content side of things for the project. I also chair the board of director meetings.

I handle the day-to-day operations of the pcgen project. This includes monitoring all communication mediums, and making sure that questions are being answered in a timely fashion.

Teams I belong to

Team Rank
Content - Data Silverback
Content - Data Chimp
Content - Docs Tamarin
Content - OS Lemur
PR - Publisher Liaison Lemur
Admin Chimp former Silverback
Admin - Tracker Chimp
Admin - Release Lemur
Admin - Website Lemur
Architecture Lemur
Code Lemur

Unique Titles

Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey

Andrew's Active Projects

  • Redo the ENTIRE Data Structure to incorporate the New: (a) Formula Parser [MODIFY/MODIFYOTHER], (b) Info/Infovars.
  • Figure a better method of updating Documentation for FACTs, and new systems.
  • Add Book(s): Path of Shadows (3rd Party), Occult Adventures (Missing Full Archetype Powers and Favored Class Bonuses)

Old Projects

Item Status
Eclipse II - The Libram Incarna In progress
Princes of Darkness - Race Work In Progress
Arms and Arms 3.5 In progress
OSRIC - Old School Reference & Index Compilation In progress
Website - Joomla integration On Hold
    • Other data sets and duties as needed
    • Bring up bugs/proposals for Tom Parker. (Delayed due to Code team being away)

Projects I've done

ITEM Status
Ultimate Combat Completed
Ultimate Combat Completed
[PF] Bestiary III Completed
[PF] Advanced Race Guide Assisted with and Completed
[PF] Ultimate Combat Completed
Pathfinder - Advanced Player's Guide Completed
Into the Black Completed
Into the Green Completed
Gaslight OGL Completed
Eclipse - The Codex Persona Completed
The Practical Enchanter Completed
Distinctions and Demerits Completed
Pathfinder RPG / Companion Support and Some Prestige Completed
Pathfinder Path - ? Completed
JIRA set up Completed
4e data set / gamemode compatibility Completed
Starwars Saga / gamemode compatibility Completed
Heroes of High Favor - Dwarves Completed
Neiyar Completed
Sherwood (3.5 version) Completed
Quintessential Ranger Completed
Quintessential Ranger II Completed
Data - Outcastia Book II Completed

To Do List

ITEM Status
Unit Test for Eclipse Not Complete
Forum for PCGen In progress
OS Project for the Javascript - [Overflow Answer]
JAVA Code Resources for Learning [Intro] & [Class]