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Related Lists

(Where the Releases are held)

(Users may submit bugs or requests for new features)

Old links:

(Where you can get up to date changes from the nightly build)

PCGen Yahoo Groups

(The main PCGen group for asking generic questions and reporting bugs. High Traffic)

(Where the Code and Architecture monkeys hang out to discuss code implementation)

(The Website team gathers here to discuss implementation and maintenance of the future website for PCGen)

(Where international standards and translations are discussed by our international users. LOW TRAFFIC)

(Where new documentation for class files are discussed. LOW TRAFFIC)

(for assistance in creating new homebrew or official list files)

(for new official data source development and cutting edge FREQs)

PCGen JIRA Mailing Lists

Team Project Tracker Groups

These are grouped tracker mailing lists

SVN Commit List

Only subscribe to this list if you want to see all the code and data changes added to the PCGen Repository

Main Tracker

This Tracker gets ALL the JIRA PCGen Project Traffic (HIGH TRAFFIC)

  • pcgen-trackers - This list will receive all the changes made to the PCGen trackers.

Individual Project Tracker Lists

Subscribe to individual Project Trackers

PCGen Misc. Mailing Lists

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