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Martijn Verburg (aka Karianna) is a long serving member of the PCGen team and is currently the Chair Monkey which basically means running PCGen on a day to day basis by use of the Ninja Monkeys and the Soul Jar. Contact details, team membership and what I am working on is below.

Teams I belong to

Team Rank
BoD Chair Monkey
Code Tamarin
Content - Data Lemur
Content - Output Sheets Gibbon
Content - Documentation Gibbon
Admin - Tracker 2nd

Contact Details

Timezone GMT+0
Email martijnverburgATgmailDOTcom
AIM ID karianna02
MSN ID kariannaATclearDOTnetDOTnz
Yahoo Chat ID karianna03
ICQ 39886145
Jabber -
Google Talk martijnverburgATgmailDOTcom

Extra Roles

Yahoo group Moderator

Current Specific Tasks

  • Get softmedia clean award up on web site, see BoD posts
  • The loooooooonnnnnnnngggggg stack in my inbox that is PCGen related
  • Help Papa clean up Y! main group - The ones left to go are:

- Fixes to SRD, Eddy - Campaign and Central, need to clear these - Need help with - revitalise that group in terms of getting users to start submitting files again.

  • Remove documentation in Wiki that is now in docs on SVN. Also update those docs to point @ new links to Wiki etc, talking to Eddy about this.