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  • Andrew Maitland (Admin SB and Acting Chair)
  • James Dempsey (Code SB)


  • Release Candidate Scheduled for October 14th or 21st.
  • Doc Character Creation Walk-through is our Release Blocker.
  • Reschedule Meetings for greater SB coverage.
  • Converter being run on remaining sets, should be completed this weekend.

Actual Log:

  • [19:20] <@AndrewAAM> *bangs* gavel. Welcome everyone to our Board of Director's Meeting. Today is September 28th. This is a non-quorum meeting with only Code and Admin in attendance.
  • [19:20] <@AndrewAAM> Our Agenda today:
  • [19:20] <@AndrewAAM> 1.) Any Code blockers
  • [19:20] <@AndrewAAM> 2.) How goes the data conversion
  • [19:20] <@AndrewAAM> 3.) Cut off date for datasets
  • [19:20] <@AndrewAAM> 4.) Doc update status (Walkthroughs etc)
  • [19:21] <@AndrewAAM> 5) Open Forum - New Item (Re-evaluate meeting schedule to get more participants)
  • [19:22] <@AndrewAAM> James will lead us off with Item 1.
  • [19:23] <James[Code_SB]1> ok, well David spotted a perfomance issue in 5.17.18 which I have fixed. I'll resolve that once I hear back from David on how it went.
  • [19:23] <James[Code_SB]1> Shout out to YourKit profiler (which the project gets for free) for making it very quick and easy to spot the root cause too
  • [19:24] <James[Code_SB]1> I've done some further work on performance tuning on spefici actions that were slow (e.g. name filtering on the purchase tab) and it has resulted in soe very good gains.
  • [19:24] <James[Code_SB]1> So with those fixed, no there are no code blockers at this stage
  • [19:25] <James[Code_SB]1> I'm continuing to work through th small number of bugs that I would like to get fixed and to dealw ith issues as they are reported.
  • [19:26] <James[Code_SB]1> Since last meeting we had 29 bugs reported and 40 resolved so that effort is paying off
  • [19:27] <James[Code_SB]1> Oh and finally given the perfomance issue in 5.17.18 I'll probably put out a new beta next week instead of the usual fortnight between
  • [19:27] <James[Code_SB]1> Questions?
  • [19:27] <@AndrewAAM> Awesome job!
  • [19:27] <James[Code_SB]1> ta :)
  • [19:28] <@AndrewAAM> I think David reported the performance fix was good, but it revealed another bug. Just an FYI unless I missed something
  • [19:28] <James[Code_SB]1> Yep that's just the autobuild - I left details on how to get around that
  • [19:29] * @AndrewAAM needs to learn how to pull up the cool sounding numbers of open and closed.
  • [19:29] <@AndrewAAM> Autobuild issues? Okay, so not a bug per se.
  • [19:30] <James[Code_SB]1> Nope - just the old verison of the lobo browser library
  • [19:30] <@AndrewAAM> Why don't we skip #2 for the moment and jump to #3 as that is a bit more pertinent. Since that is both Code and Data.
  • [19:31] <James[Code_SB]1> Sure
  • [19:31] <@AndrewAAM> With the inclusion of UC and UM - we met our goal to get the two sets in. We had one user who wants PoD - Prince of Darkness included, but we need to do a data review and add some missing monster races.
  • [19:32] <James[Code_SB]1> Cool, so pretty close then really
  • [19:32] <@AndrewAAM> I don't have an issue bringing it in as it's very close and unlike UM and UC shouldn't be altering core sets to work.
  • [19:32] <James[Code_SB]1> Sounds good
  • [19:33] <@AndrewAAM> What timeline schedule are we currently looking at?
  • [19:33] <James[Code_SB]1> If we do one more beta then I think we would put out the release candidate on say 14 or 21 Oct
  • [19:34] <@AndrewAAM> Wow, short window for bug reports for the new sets, but okay.
  • [19:34] <@AndrewAAM> Nice to see 6.0 is close :)
  • [19:34] <James[Code_SB]1> Well, they were added in the second beta :)
  • [19:34] <James[Code_SB]1> We can always issue an OOC fix rollup in the future too
  • [19:35] <@AndrewAAM> we'll have three beta's in total before RC. Nice.
  • [19:35] <James[Code_SB]1> No issues with doing an extra beta in there too
  • [19:36] <@AndrewAAM> Sounds good. Okay - Item #3
  • [19:37] <@AndrewAAM> I've finished Converting GameModes 3e, 3.5, Pathfinder, Darwins World. Leaving a few more gamemodes and homebrews to go. I however think I encountered an issue.
  • [19:37] <James[Code_SB]1> oh?
  • [19:38] <@AndrewAAM> Arcanis is a 3.5e set, and it has a bunch of issues I'm working through, but some should have been caught by the converter, does the converter follow the precampaign tags?
  • [19:38] <James[Code_SB]1> no
  • [19:38] <James[Code_SB]1> It doesn't check interrelationships at all
  • [19:38] <James[Code_SB]1> It is only designed to validate syntax
  • [19:39] <James[Code_SB]1> That is why you can bulk change all sets in a game mode
  • [19:40] <@AndrewAAM> Interesting - What do you make of this error then?
  • [19:40] <@AndrewAAM> 11:34:27.53 LSTERROR Thread-20 SpellLoader:112 Invalid CLASSES must end with ']' if it contains a PREREQ tag (Source: file:/D:/pcgen/pcgen_dev/Trunk/content/notfordistribution/paradigmconcepts/magicofarcanis/moa_spells.lst)
  • [19:40] <@AndrewAAM> 11:34:27.55 LSTERROR Thread-20 SpellLoader:112 Illegal Token 'CLASSES' 'Cleric=6[PRESUBCLASS:1,Beltine]|Priest=6' for pcgen.core.spell.Spell Beltine's Baneful Threnody in file:/D:/pcgen/pcgen_dev/Trunk/content/notfordistribution/paradigmconcepts/magicofarcanis/moa_spells.lst
  • [19:40] <@AndrewAAM> Oh, NVM, it's in vendor folder, that's why it wasn't caught.
  • [19:40] <James[Code_SB]1> ok
  • [19:41] <@AndrewAAM> Alright, I'll be running through Deadlands, Modern and the remaining tonight.
  • [19:41] <@AndrewAAM> I got stuck at deadlands with some issues I needed to figure out how to resolve.
  • [19:41] <James[Code_SB]1> Yes it does tend to flush out issues
  • [19:42] <@AndrewAAM> I'm hoping to finish the RELEASE gameModes tonight
  • [19:42] <James[Code_SB]1> Nice
  • [19:42] <@AndrewAAM> Item #4 - Docs and Walkthrough.
  • [19:43] <James[Code_SB]1> It has been a great shake-down of the data converter too - thanks for that
  • [19:44] <@AndrewAAM> Eric is leading the charge, he's been making some changes. I think a Coder looking through the docs would be beneficial. I opened a few "trivial" trackers since the description was very 'coder' specific but not end user friendly.
  • [19:45] <James[Code_SB]1> Yes he has assigned a few to me that I intend to do a run through of
  • [19:46] <@AndrewAAM> As to the remaining status, I can't say. We'll need to follow up with him after the meeting.
  • [19:46] <James[Code_SB]1> The character creation walkthrogh is probably the blocker for release at this stage
  • [19:46] <@AndrewAAM> Agreed
  • [19:48] <James[Code_SB]1> I can't see an issue in jira for that so I'll raise one
  • [19:49] <@AndrewAAM> Awesome
  • [19:50] <@AndrewAAM> Last Item - Open Forum and Schedule of Meetings
  • [19:50] <@AndrewAAM> We need to get a few more SBs back on board, so time to shake the tree and see when people can commit.
  • [19:54] <James[Code_SB]1> I'm changing to daylight savings before the next merting too, so either 9PM or 10PM edt will work for me for a bit for Wednesdays
  • [19:54] <James[Code_SB]1> The other meeting slot should be organised around when the most of the other SBs can make it
  • [20:04] <@AndrewAAM> Wednesday I'm at work till 7:30 PDT
  • [20:05] <James[Code_SB]1> Sorry Tuesdays for you, Wed for me :)
  • [20:05] <@AndrewAAM> Ah, right
  • [20:05] <James[Code_SB]1> Makes this sort of organisation all the more fun!
  • [20:05] <@AndrewAAM> My availability - Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • [20:06] <James[Code_SB]1> Probably need to take this one to the list to see when others are free
  • [20:07] <@AndrewAAM> Agreed. Update the Wiki.
  • [20:07] <@AndrewAAM> Okay, any other open business?
  • [20:08] <James[Code_SB]1> None from me
  • [20:08] <@AndrewAAM> *Bangs Gavel* Meeting Closed. Thanks for coming.
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