Meeting 2012 12 11

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  • Chair - James (Code SB)
  • Content - Eric (Docs)


  • SF Update completed with some hiccups
  • Next release will be early next year
  • Some confusion about the start time with the reminder in UTC+11 time zone (AEDT)


[13:15] jamesd[Code_SB]: Well, might do a quick meeting then
[13:17] [Doc]Maredudd: Well, what do we talk about?
[13:18] jamesd[Code_SB]: Well from the code side not a huge amount
[13:18] jamesd[Code_SB]: I've had a bit of a break
[13:18] jamesd[Code_SB]: and am starting back into some dev work
[13:19] jamesd[Code_SB]: Tom has started some tidy up of the facets, as discussed in an earlier dev meeting
[13:19] jamesd[Code_SB]: On the admin side, the migration to the new SourceForge resources has been completed but wasn't painless.
[13:20] [Doc]Maredudd: Amazingly it was nearly painless for me . . .
[13:20] jamesd[Code_SB]: However Jira and Jenkins are now pointing to the new SVN repo and the majority of contributors seem to have made it across too.
[13:20] jamesd[Code_SB]: Good to hear
[13:21] jamesd[Code_SB]: Have you committed changes yet?
[13:21] [Doc]Maredudd: For Admin, or rather Release, did you see the JIRA I opened for a users problem with PCGen on Mac OSX 10.8?
[13:21] [Doc]Maredudd: Yes I have. At least I think I have.
[13:22] jamesd[Code_SB]: yeah I did see that one - was a bit odd
[13:22] jamesd[Code_SB]: Any ideas on what might have changed?
[13:24] [Doc]Maredudd: Not yet. I've asked Stefan to look at it but haven't heard anything from him. I'll have some time next week to look at it, but as I have little dev experience I'm not sure what I can do. I'll at least dig around to see if similar issues have arrisen in other JAVA programs.
[13:25] [Doc]Maredudd: I will also follow up with looking at my release process and setup.
[13:25] jamesd[Code_SB]: Yeah I can't really do much testing either
[13:25] [Doc]Maredudd: I need to check when I moved to Eclipse Juno.
[13:25] jamesd[Code_SB]: It isn't the new Mac OS security model is it?
[13:26] [Doc]Maredudd: It didn't look like it.
[13:26] [Doc]Maredudd: I'll startup a dialog with the OP.
[13:26] [Doc]Maredudd: btw, I moved back to Helios.
[13:27] [Doc]Maredudd: I couldn't get the ANT script for zipping files to work on Juno.
[13:29] jamesd[Code_SB]: Very odd - I'll be upgrading over Christmas so I'll give it a go then
[13:30] [Doc]Maredudd: Cool. I'll be interested in any issues you identify.
[13:30] jamesd[Code_SB]: Just to wrap up the admin side, I think we'll wait until after new year now for the next builds - both an RC for a patch to 6.0.0 and the first 6.1 alpha
[13:30] jamesd[Code_SB]: That is unless there are objections or anything urgent
[13:31] [Doc]Maredudd: Sounds like a plan.
[13:33] [Doc]Maredudd: As the only Content team member I can only report that Andrew continues to move data sets out of the alpha folder.
[13:34] [Doc]Maredudd: The docs have seen little work since 6.0 came out but will see more work over the holiday.
[13:35] [Doc]Maredudd: Additionally, there are a number of new sources that we have recieved permission for that are looking for Data Monkey to work them.
[13:36] jamesd[Code_SB]: Great to hear we have new permissions
[13:36] [Doc]Maredudd: Yep.
[13:37] [Doc]Maredudd: Thats all I have for Content.
[13:39] jamesd[Code_SB]: k, any questions from anyone else?
[13:39] [Doc]Maredudd: I have a question concerning XML. Is that in the cards for PCGen in the future?
[13:40] [Doc]Maredudd: Do we gain anything by one day moving to XML?
[13:40] jamesd[Code_SB]: As a LST format? Noone is driving it currently so I can't see it happening
[13:41] [Doc]Maredudd: Thats what I thought. I still pickedup the ownership of the pcgen_xml group.
[13:42] jamesd[Code_SB]: Yes good to have it archived if we ever revisit it
[13:43] [Doc]Maredudd: I do plan on doing something with the docs in that direction but I need to understand better how to approach it before I make a push.
[13:43] jamesd[Code_SB]: Yes that's a different beast though :)
[13:44] [Doc]Maredudd: Yep.
[13:44] jamesd[Code_SB]: ok, anything else to raise?
[13:45] [Doc]Maredudd: I'd like to get to the point where doing a conversion to PDF is nearly automatic, and that means moving to at least xhtml.
[13:45] [Doc]Maredudd: Nope.
[13:45] jamesd[Code_SB]: Yes that would be nice
[13:45] jamesd[Code_SB]: ok, meeting closed then