Meeting 2013 01 22

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  • Chair - James (Code SB)
  • Content - Eric (Docs)
  • Admin - Paul (PR)
  • Architecture - Tom (Arch SB)


  • We will be releasing a 6.0.1 prod patch after 6.1.1 is out
  • Next release is 6.1.1 - no holdups known
  • We won't make early cutoff for Gencon but will need community support if we want to get a booth


[13:11] James[Code_SB]: ok, so lets start
[13:11] James[Code_SB]: The Agenda from Kar was
[13:11] James[Code_SB]: * Are we planning a 6.0.1 release?
[13:11] James[Code_SB]: * Can we settle on a definitive roadmap for 6.1.0?
[13:11] James[Code_SB]: * A report on the data migration to 6.0.x data standards
[13:11] James[Code_SB]: * PR - Are we going to Gencon - can we get the $200 deposit?
[13:11] James[Code_SB]: So, lets start with releases
[13:12] James[Code_SB]: The 6.0.1 release is waiting on 6.1.1, which is waiting on the go ahead from data
[13:12] James[Code_SB]: Does anyone know how that data work is going?
[13:13] [Arch_SB]thpr: I'm afraid Andrew is the expert on that
[13:13] James[Code_SB]: Yes I suspected that
[13:14] James[Code_SB]: So Tom, did you have anything you were aiming to include for the 6.1.1 release?
[13:16] [Arch_SB]thpr: not specifically, no
[13:16] [Arch_SB]thpr: None of the major things I'm working on would be ready and I wouldn't want to hold it up
[13:17] James[Code_SB]: Sounds good then
[13:17] James[Code_SB]: I've already committed some improvements to source selection and am also keen to get a better method of changing a character's sources in place
[13:18] [PR]Nylanfs: Yes that is close to the number one first question
[13:18] James[Code_SB]: It does seem to be a frequent one
[13:19] James[Code_SB]: I'm also wondering if we should have a new quick source for pathfinder which is all player materials that includes all the sources we have coded such as UC, UM etc and we just keep adding the new stuff to that
[13:20] James[Code_SB]: Anyone with anything else to raise for 6.1.1?
[13:22] [DOC2nd]Maredudd: Nothing from Docs.
[13:23] James[Code_SB]: ok, I am guessing the data conversion question is one for Andrew, so we'll leave that
[13:24] James[Code_SB]: So gencon
[13:25] [PR]Nylanfs: That weould be me :)
[13:25] [PR]Nylanfs: Okay if we want to get registered by tomorrow a booth would be $1400, $700 of which would be due immediately
[13:26] [PR]Nylanfs: Waiting would only bump the price by $200 (to $1600)
[13:26] [PR]Nylanfs: At this point I think getting registered and check/CC sent by tomorrow is a little late.
[13:26] [Arch_SB]thpr: and we have like $19 in the bank or something?
[13:27] [PR]Nylanfs: Yes $19.55 after paying for the website hosting last month
[13:28] [Arch_SB]thpr: seems to me there's a bit of a budget discussion there that makes getting registered a bit impractical
[13:28] James[Code_SB]: So unless we get a lot of community interest it doesn't look like a booth on our own is realistic
[13:29] [Arch_SB]thpr: That takes seeing what we can get by the final cutoff, but I think for the immediate discussion there is no way to register early
[13:30] [PR]Nylanfs: Yes I was planning on doing a Mailing list/FB and Twitter posts to drum up interest.
[13:31] [Arch_SB]thpr: What's the final cutoff?
[13:31] [PR]Nylanfs: April 23rd? I believe
[13:31] [PR]Nylanfs: April 3rd, final deposit by May 1st
[13:32] [Arch_SB]thpr: ok. Why don't you catch up with Kar on his status and then we can evaluate what plan would need to be put together to support a booth
[13:34] [PR]Nylanfs: I cover the costs of my badge, flyers, and meals so basically the only cost is the both and some minor incidentals
[13:35] [PR]Nylanfs: I think that's it for GenCon from me
[13:35] James[Code_SB]: ok, anything else to report or raise from anyone? Any open questions?
[13:36] [DOC2nd]Maredudd: I got a question.
[13:36] James[Code_SB]: sure
[13:36] [DOC2nd]Maredudd: Are we planning on OOC data sets for 6.0.0?
[13:37] James[Code_SB]: not for 6.0.0, we would use 6.0.1 for that I expect
[13:37] James[Code_SB]: Particularly as there has been a big data reorg so it would get complex
[13:38] [DOC2nd]Maredudd: If they get in by then . . . :-)
[13:38] Swiftbrook: Just a comment: I've been using 6.0.0 in Pathfinder heavily for the past month and it's working great. Nice job folks.
[13:39] [PR]Nylanfs: :)
[13:39] James[Code_SB]: Great to hear - thank-you
[13:40] James[Code_SB]: ok, any last questions or issues?
[13:42] [DOC2nd]Maredudd: None here.
[13:42] James[Code_SB]: ok, then meeting closed
[13:42] James[Code_SB]: Thanks for coming along everyone