Meeting 2016 02 27

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Board of Director's Meeting


  • Andrew M. (Content SB, Chair)
  • Stefan R. (OS 2nd)
  • Doug L. (Data 2nd)
  • PapaDRB (Observer)
  • Tom P. (Arch SB)
  • Connor P. (Code SB)
  • Paul G. (PR SB)


  • Connor Petty announced as our new Code Silverback
  • Board approves Production release of 6.06.00 for Monday.
  • Tom gave a quick overview of the Formula Parser replacement roll out (with more details to follow in the content meeting).
  • No comments or questions.


  • <@[Chair]Andrew *Bangs Gavel* Welcome all, our Board of Director's Meeting is in session
  • <@[Chair]Andrew Our Agenda
  • <@[Chair]Andrew 1) Welcome to Meeting and posting agenda (Andrew, 1 minute)
  • <@[Chair]Andrew 2) Code Silverback Position
  • <@[Chair]Andrew 3) Silverbacks review Readiness of 6.06.00 (SBs, 7 minutes)
  • <@[Chair]Andrew 4) Formula System / New Subsystems Roll-out Quick overview (Tom, 15 minutes)
  • <@[Chair]Andrew 5) Wrap up and Public Comments (Public, 5 minutes)
  • <@[Chair]Andrew 6) Close out meeting, 5 minute break then proceed to Data Team meeting.
  • <@[Chair]Andrew Congratulations to Connor Petty, who now joins us as the Code Silverback.
  • <Distant_Scholar> Hooray!
  • <@Zaister> \o/
  • <[OGL]Nylanfs> Yea!
  • *** cpmeister is now known as [Code_SB]Cpmeist
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> Welcome to the board :)
  • <[Code_SB]Cpmeist> Thank you all
  • <@[Chair]Andrew Paul will be posting the news officially (if he hasn't already done so soon)
  • <@[Chair]Andrew :)
  • <[Code_SB]Cpmeist> James departure was certainly a surprise but I hope I can fill the role as well has.
  • <@[Chair]Andrew That moves us along to #3, Silverbacks review readiness of 6.06.00
  • <[Code_SB]Cpmeist> *as well as he has
  • <@[Chair]Andrew Content team has been busy, the only thing lacking for the 6.06.00 release is proper documentation updates. Beyond that I believe we're good for production this Monday.
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> Arch is fine - that work stopped on 6.6 a while ago :)
  • <@[Chair]Andrew Code?
  • <[Code_SB]Cpmeist> I feel bad about all the trouble I gave Andrew last month but I believe 6.06 is release ready
  • <@[Chair]Andrew Admin is absent. PR you good for release?
  • <[OGL]Nylanfs> Yep
  • <@[Chair]Andrew Excellent. We'll have a 6.06.00 on Monday then.
  • <@[Chair]Andrew Moving into Agenda #4 - Quick overview of proposed roll-out of the Formula Replacement and new subsystems.
  • <@[Chair]Andrew *Passes talking stick to Tom*
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> So the initial items are checked in; there will be a lot of work to do over time
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> We will start with things that don't have many outgoing size effects (like ALTHP only impacted an export token)
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> That is not to say things won't have an INCOMING issue, such as Andrew has already pointed out with needing CONSCORE
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> I can't know all of those in every game system, so some will have to move at different speeds than others
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> There will be a set of "easier" ones, then we will move to ones that impact a term (think LEGS)
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> well, actually LEGS is later
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> anyway, there are ones that only have an old formula term...
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> when we move those, the old term will BREAK
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> So those will require special tracking by the data team to figure out the transition
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> the next set will be those that impact a PRE (with or without a term)
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> LEGS actually falls in this bucket
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> And then there are a few tricky ones for the end that have a lot of sprawl
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> I would encourage folks to really stop if things are hard
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> when we get to weapons and tohit values, for example, the entire set of math around attack cycles is crazy to try to do entirely in data. We will do a special function for that
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> so if the data starts to sprawl, stop and talk, don't go brute forcing through making something that is unwieldy
  • <Tom[Arch_SB]> Since we're going to have a more detailed discussion with data team after this, I think I'll leave it at that unless there are questions?
  • <@[Chair]Andrew> No questions here.
  • <Distant_Scholar> no ?s
  • <[OGL]Nylanfs> None from PR
  • <@[Chair]Andrew> Thanks Tom. Moving into our next agenda item - 5) Wrap up and Public Comments (Public, 5 minutes)
  • <@[Chair]Andrew> As Tom mentioned we'll be moving into our intense meeting with the content team right after this meeting, so with that in mind, any questions from the public about 6.06.00 or pcgen in general?
  • <@[Chair]Andrew> I guess that means no. Okay, thanks for coming to our shortest BoD meeting! *Bangs Gavel* Meeting closed. 5 min break and then we'll reconvene for the content/arch meeting