PCGen Goes to Gen Con 2009!

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The PCGen Board of Directors has decided it wants PCGen to go to Gen Con 2009 and are pleased to announce that plans are underway to do just that! It is unlikely that any Board members will be in attendance this year, but hey, the BoD only makes up a small part of the PCGen Team, so if you're at Gen Con this year and get a chance, swing by the booth and say hi!

Who Will be There

  • TBD

Volunteers should contact their friendly neighborhood BoD member.

What We're Working On

If you have any ideas, feel free to send them to the Board! In the mean time, here are a few of things we are already working on and approximately how much it will cost..

  • New CD for distribution.


Available Budget


Estimated Expenses

The following is the list of planned expenses for PCGen's visit to Gen Con this year:

  • Booth: $1300
  • Electric Service: $100
  • Exhibitor Badges: $0 (2 Complimentary. Additional badges will need to be covered by the team member attending.)
  • Flyers: $250
  • CDs: approx. TBD

Approximate Total: $2850

Current Surplus/Deficit


How You Can Help

First and foremost, come with us to Gen Con!

Barring that, you can still help by visiting this page and donating money to PCGen to help us do Gen Con with style!