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Welcome to the Wiki section for the PCGen Jira Guide! This guide will walk you through on how to enter Bugs and Feature Requests into our new JIRA issue tracking system.

Creating a new account

Logging In

  • Go to the Home page and enter you username and password


Initially you will be shown a Dashboard with:

  • 6 projects down the LHS (Code, Data, Documentation, Output Sheets, New Source and New Tag)
  • Your filters and any items assigned to you on the RHS

Entering a New Issue

  • You can select the CREATE NEW ISSUE in the top menu or go directly to Create Issue Page
  1. Select the Project that this issue is appropriate for.
  2. Select the Issue Type
  3. Click on the Next button

Try to pick these carefully, but don't worry too much if you get it wrong, the Tracker team will correct the details for you later if need be.

In the next section you'll want to edit as many of the fields as possible, but on the ones marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Mandatory Fields

  • Summary - A brief description of the problem/feature you're reporting, e.g. "Chainmail AC bonus doesn't stack with Shield"
  • Priority - You can click on the (?) button to get an explanation of the priorities, or go directly to Priority Levels Help Page

To put these Priorities into PCGen terms:

Blocker - Is stopping the whole program from effectively working, e.g. You start PCGen and it crashes. You load any data set and it fails to load, PCGen is sooo ridiculously slow that its unusable. Basically nothing works and PCGen is a virtual door stop.

Critical - Something really seriously important to a majority of users is wrong. So RSRD/SRD/Pathfinder doesn't load, a couple of tabs fail, Output sheets refuse to be generated - that sort of thing

Major - Something seriously sucks. A tab is so slow its unusable, pathfinder is missing equipment S-Z, CDOM goes into an infinite loop when you apply rule X etc.

Minor - There's a noticeable problem. Incorrect/missing data for a single class, a single value on the UI doesn't update correctly etc.

Trivial - Typos in our docs etc

  • Reporter - This should be your username

Optional Fields

These fields are very useful to the PCGen team, so please do take time to fill them out as much as possible!

  • Component/s - What part(s) of PCGen does this issue affect?

NOTE If there is a Component option you'd like to see in the list, please drop a note to the PCGen Webteam mailing list.
NOTE If you are entering a CODE issue then please leave this blank, the Code team will set this once the issue has been confirmed.

  • Affects Version/s - Which version of PCGen are you using? [or does this issue affect, you may select multiple versions if valid]
  • Fix Version/s - Leave this blank. Fix Version will ONLY be entered when the item in question has been fixed. The Content SB and Data 2nd may assign a special Fix version for high priority versions. [Data Wishlist #1 or Data Wishlist #2, once resolved this special version will be removed from the Fix version]
  • Assignee - If you are a team member or a team member has specifically asked you to assign it to them then you can select that person here.
  • Environment - Here we'd like you to put in your Operating System, the version of Java that you're using and how much memeory you are running PCGen with
  • Description - Enter the full description of the issue here, the more detail the better!
  • Original Estimate - If you are a team member and already have a fair idea of how long it will take to fix this issue, then you can enter that here.
  • Attachment - You can attach, screen shots, PCG files, Data files etc here.

Voting for an Existing Issue

  • You can click on the Vote link on the left hand menu. The more votes an issue has means that it is more likely that the PCGen team will Roadmap this issue!

Viewing an Existing Issue

There are some extra read-only fields that you may find useful when trying to track the history of changes for a JIRA:

  1. Work Log - Shows a history of work logged against this issue, see Logging Work
  2. Change History - Shows a history of all changes made to this JIRA (including SVN Commits, Comments, Work Logged and more)
  3. Subversion Commits - Shows commit messages from svn commits that reference this JIRA

Editing an Existing Issue

Starting Progress

Click on the Start Progress link in the left hand menu. This will automatically set the Status to the next step in the workflow (for most projects this is In Progress)

Logging Work Done

Click on the Log work done link in the left hand menu and then fill in the details in the next screen as appropriate

Resolving an Issue

You can set the status to Resolved if you think the problem has been fixed.
At this stage you should also set the Fix Version to the appropriate release (usually the next Alpha or a maintenance version).

Closing an Issue

You can set the status to Closed if problem has been fixed and that the fix has been verified.
This can occur in one of three ways:

  1. The original reporter confirms problem is resolved
  2. A second person confirms fix
  3. One release cycle without another bug report on the issue