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Welcome to the LST Tag Dictionary Conversion Initiative page!


The purpose of this effort is to convert the current LST Tag Dictionary from the HTML based format to an XML format more suitable to regular maintenance and automated processing in support of the DTP Initiative.

The Tag Dictionary itself will be developed for three purposes:

  • LST Tag Dictionary for LST Monkeys
  • OS Token Dictionary for OS Monkeys
  • LST/OS Token Dictionary for PCGen Developers

Proposed (Eventual) Products

  • XML Based LST Tag Dictionary File(s)
  • XML Based OS Token Dictionary File(s)
  • Java Based LST Tag/OS Token Dictionary Entry Editor


The LST Tag/OS Token Dictionary to XML Project Roadmap is under development:

  • Develop Concept of Operations (In-work) for the Tag/Token XML Dictionaries
  • Develop Tag/Token Dictionary Specification
  • XML Schema for Tag/Token Dictionary
  • Develop Java based Tag/Token Editor
  • Convert Existing HTML Based Dictionary to XML


Related Efforts


Tools to be used in this effort will be added as they are identified.

Prior Discussion

Tasks and Status

No tasks have been identified at this time.

Task Description Tracker Number Doc Monkey Status

Specifications and Requirements

LST Tag Elements

Doc Element Data Example Data Type Data Description
Tag Status New/Updated/Deprecated
LST Tag Syntax <lst tag>:<parameter list>
Variables Used
Tag Description
Example LST Code
.MOD Consolidation
.MOD Example From
.MOD Example To
Deprecated Syntax
Where Used