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This will be implemented under the following code FREQ:
2044260 Pathfinder bonus feat progression

This is a freq/proposal for the implementation of code to support the Pathfinder PRG.

Monsters and characters have different progressions for feats per level. While characters get a feat for each odd character level, feats for racial hit dice are still done as in D&D 3.5, i.e. one at 1 HD, and then one more for each 3 HD.

An example: Consider a 7th level fire giant barbarian. As a fire giant he has 15 racial hit dice. He gets feats at hit dice 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15, just as in D&D 3.5. For his class levels, however, he gets feats at levels 1, 3, 5, and 7 (in D&D he would get two more, at hit dice 18 and 21).

5.16 proposal

See Pathfinder feat progression

Post 5.16 (tabled discussion )

The following discussion / proposal is currently tabled until after 5.16. The clean up in GameMode does need to happen, but tearing out that code will delay 5.16. Discussion should continue after 5.16, since this structure change will help ambiguity in the 6.0 code.

Tom's proposal to address this feature:

(1) Deprecate CLASSTYPE: in Misc Info files


(3) Add a comma delimited list token MONSTERCLASSTYPES in Misc Info Files. This is a list of Types (triggers off the TYPE token in a class) that produce Monsters, replaces ISMONSTER from CLASSTYPE

(4) Add a comma delimited list token IMMUNETOXPPENALTYCLASSTYPES in Misc Info Files. This is a list of Types (triggers off the TYPE token in a class) that do not get an XP Penalty. This replaces the XPPENALTY from CLASSTYPE

(5) Add a CLASSGROUP: in Misc Info files, which allows additional tokens on that line

(6) Add CR: as an additional token for CLASSGROUP: (replaces CR from CLASSTYPE)

(7) Add BONUSFEATLEVELSTARTINTERVAL as an additional token for CLASSGROUP:) (replaces BONUSFEATLEVELSTARTINTERVAL as a stand-alone token)

(8) Add a CLASSGROUP: token to Class LST files.

Note: (3,4) can be auto-generated based on the CLASSTYPE lines. (5,6,7) can be auto-generated from what remains of CLASSTYPE and the existing BONUSFEATLEVELSTARTINTERVAL (8) can be auto-generated from the existing TYPE token based on what CLASSGROUPs were created.

Thus we can automatically convert existing game modes to this new syntax in the move to 5.16 (homebrews, et al.)

The only problem will be if a class doesn't have a TYPE that is using a CLASSTYPE: line from Misc Info.

See this post for an in-depth explanation of the rational behind this proposal.

Example usage: