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Job Title: QA [Quality Assurance] Monkey (Trial Position)

Supervised by: Content Silverback & Data 2nd

Supervises: None


  • Access to SVN or Web equivalent tools for pulling/uploading data sets from the Sourceforge SVN Repository
  • At least six months Data Monkey Experience (Tamarin or Gibbon Level)
  • Proven proficiency with LST Bug fixes and LST syntax usage
  • Understands JIRA use and procedures


  • A QA monkey reviews data sets which have passed a License Review and requires a Data Review (Step 4 in New Source JIRA Tracker)
  • They make sure the Set is error free and syntax correct
    • Corresponding with the Data Monkey that created the data set for any corrections.
  • If they find that the data is set up and works as per the Source Book they may make the recommendation to the Data Team (Chimp, 2nd or SB) that it be set as a full release.
  • They investigate Data Bug Reports, and fix the affected set.
    • [Core Sets still require clearance from the 2nd or SB if not already at CHIMP status]
  • Other Duties as determined by SB/Data 2nd