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Release dates


  • 5.17.x (Beta)
  • 6.0.0 (RC1)


  • 6.0.0

Team Goals




  • There are no specific plans for new data sets although as always there will be some sets included as part of this release. Since we can now roll out data sets in between official releases this will simply be an ongoing process. You can check a number of places to see if a favourite data set is being actively worked on at:

Output Sheets

  • A project to improve the documentation of the OS Tokens being worked on my Martijn Verburg and James Dempsey
  • Various minor updates to the existing sheets and their structure.


  • Various minor enhancements


Testing various Tracking Systems to improve our management of Feature Requests, cross tracking of Code, Data and Doc improvements/changes.

Being tested and evaluated during this period:


  • Evaluating improvements using launch4j for the windows users in our Community

Site is here - <>


Website isn't normally tied to a particular progression. However, in this time frame, we will have a new provider; and several new features that benefit the PCGen Community! In particular we are testing several new features at:

With any that get promoted moving to:

Publisher Liaison

  • No major projects, continuation of existing work

Data License

  • No major projects, continuation of existing work


  • No major projects, continuation of existing work