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Rick Ryker - currently newest Code monkey. I joined the project recently (OCT 2008). I have not made any code changes yet.

I've been a professional programmer since 1987 and have been working in Java full time since early 2004, when I switched over from working predominately in C++. I am a Sun Certifed Java Programmer.

I've been playing role playing games since the early 80s, when I was introduced to The Fantasy Trip and Champions. I have also played all editions of D&D, Rolemaster, Vampyre, and a few others I have forgotten the names of. I am currently in a long-running, low mana, low gold, low xp, D&D 3.0/3.5 campaign (we are slowly converting). I have been a regular attendee of GenCon in Indianapolis since 2003.

Teams I belong to

Team Rank
Code None - I hope to be a Lemur soon

Contact Details

Timezone EST (UTC -5:00)
Email rick_ryker@yahoo.com
Email rick.ryker@gmail.com
Yahoo IM Rick_Ryker
AIM Rick Ryker