SORTKEY - The Ability to Sort Items other than default NAME alphabetical

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New Tag - add a new text value - SORTKEY


x = Text or Numerical Value

Sorts in the order of 0-9, A-Z

When sorting lists of objects, PCGen would use, SORTKEY, OUTPUTNAME or Name in that order to determine what to sort on and then it would order by the values, being a text field you can do whatever fancy grouping you like without pcgen having to interpret it.

  • Example of Usage
    • Enlarge Spell <> SORTKEY:Metamagic~Enlarge Spell
    • Quicken Spell <> SORTKEY:11-MetaMagic~Quicken Spell
    • Early Feat <> SORTKEY:Z-Me last

Would Display as

  • Quicken Spell
  • Enlarge Spell
  • Early Feat

Order of Operation - SORTKEY, OUTPUTNAME, NAME