The Ability to Adjust the Cost of an Ability/Feat

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This is a Multiple Proposal for tackling the same issue:

1) Makes a New Tag

2) Expands the existing COST tag.

Not sure how to easily do this however my proposals.

NEW TAGs (Proposal ideas)



  • Variables Used (x):YES
  • Variables Used (x):NO (Default)
  • Variables Used (y):DEFAULT=Number (Default cost. Optional)
  • Variables Used (y):MIN=Number (Minimum cost. Optional)
  • Variables Used (y):MAX=Number (Maximum cost. Optional)
  • What it Does:
    • Used to change the cost of the ability when taken, unless the optional values are used, the Cost may be any negative or positive integer.
  • Example of Usage
      • When taken the Cost may be changed to 3 to 10, if canceled the cost will be unchanged.



Alternatively, let's modify the actual 'COST' tag


  • Variables Used (x):Number (Default cost.) [No Change Needed]
  • Variables Used (y):MIN=Number, Variable or Formula (Ability/Feat minimum cost. Optional)
  • Variables Used (y):MAX=Number, Variable or Formula (Ability/Feat maximum cost. Optional)
  • Variables Used (y):Selection Choice (Optional)
  • Example of Usage:
    • COST:1,MIN=1,MAX=3
      • Cost of the Ability is 1, and may be changed to 2 or 3.
    • COST:10,MIN=*1/2,MAX=20
      • Cost may be 5 to 20
    • COST:10|5,3,20
      • Cost can be 3, 5, 10 or 20