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Andrew McDougall (aka Tir Gwaith) is a long serving member of the PCGen team. Any questions involving Data tags, or the history of the data structure, he can probably discuss in more detail than even he would like. He's the original monkey that went by "LST Chimp".

Teams I belong to

Team Rank
Code Lemur
Content - Data Chimp
Content - Documentation Gibbon
Tracker Lemur
Public Relations - Data License Tamarin
Admin - Release Lemur - prettylst.pl
Public Relations - Advertising Lemur

Contact Details

Time Zone GMT -6
Email tir.gwaith@gmail.com
IRC TirGwaith (freenode)

(Lesser used)

AIM Tir Gwaith
Yahoo tir_gwaith
MSN tir_gwaith@hotmail.com (spam email only)
Google Talk -

Other Tasks

  • UA OGC into LST format for PCGen release
  • Trackers assigned to me
  • Skill conditionals improvement Spec design and implementation
  • Clear New Data Source Development trackers into /alpha or /d20ogl