Updating Old Datasets

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This section is for updating older homebrew LST files to use the current standards. This is a work in progress. Any questions ask on the PCGen Yahoo Group.


  • First off we'll need PrettyLST for earlier versions of PCGen

  • You will want to run PrettyLST with the Conversion Flag turned on to bring your sets up to 5.12 standards. Note this is not a perfect conversion, you will need to check your materials against any errors PrettyLST outputs.


For 5.12 to 5.14 you'll want to use Barak's Script

Again you'll need perl, see above. You may also need to jon the PCGenLiSTFileHelp group to access the file. I put the script with PrettyLST.


5.16.x and beyond has a Converter included with PCGen. That Version of PCGen will update any files from the previous version. So the 5.16.x converter will bring 5.14.x files forward to 5.16.x standards.

Use the 5.16 Converter to bring 5.14 sets forward.

NOTE: The Converter will bring the previous cycle forward, do not use 6.0 to bring 5.14 forward, use 5.16 to do that.


Use the 6.0 PCGen Converter

Massive Changes that WILL affect Homebrew Users

Starting 5.16.4 and 5.17.4

All the Armor BONUS TYPES got a bit of a Change. This WILL affect any homebrew sets that use any PCGen released core sets.

The Following needs to be done to follow the standards:

  • Races that grant Natural Armor need to use this format
    • BONUS:COMBAT|AC|x|TYPE=NaturalArmor this replaces the old format of BONUS:COMBAT|AC|x|TYPE=NaturalArmor.REPLACE
  • Anything that improves Natural Armor not by enchancement needs to use this format
    • BONUS:COMBAT|AC|x|TYPE=NaturalArmor.STACK this replaces the old format of BONUS:COMBAT|AC|x|TYPE=NaturalArmor.REPLACE
    • BONUS:COMBAT|AC|x|TYPE=NaturalArmorEnhancement should be used for any Natural Armor Enhancement

The same applies for Armor.REPLACE and Shield.REPLACE; these both become Armor and Shield respectively. If there is an enhancement you wish to and, just append 'Enhancement' to the Bonus type 'ArmorEnhancement', 'ShieldEnhancement'.

3rd Edition has a slight variation. [Add Explanation later]

This was done to make the stacking rules work more uniformly, and avoid overlap stacking where it shouldn't occur.