We need a method to track when an ability was gained

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In the Practical Enchanter, characters using the Wealth Templates can get a bonus to HP, but it's only based upon when they get the template and how many levels they had the template (If they lose it then they keep the bonus HP, but don't acquire more until they regain the template)

We have a partial method to accomplish this using TEMPLATE:CHOOSE: where a template can be selected behind the scenes. But this won't accomplish what I need for an ability that can come and go.

Which brings up the PRE and REQ discussion. An ability may either Meet a PRErequisite and once met is applied; or REQuire something to stay applied.

These two behaviors are seen throughout our sets:

PRE Examples:

  • PREFEAT:1,Dodge
  • Template <> PRExxx

Any item which can manually be taken in the GUI once a PRExxx item has been met.

Once a character acquires the Feat Dodge, they may take the item. Even if they lose Dodge, they still keep the item.

REQ Examples:

  • VFEAT:Dodge|PREFEAT:1,Weapon Focus

Any item granted by another object automatically based upon a PRExxx object is likely acting in a REQ capacity.

Dodge is granted once the character acquires Weapon Focus, but should the character lose Weapon Focus, they automatically lose Dodge.

We need to change the Behavior to where as soon as an item using a PRExxx object qualifies, the item is assigned to the PC and not removed even if the PRExxx condition is no longer met.

a REQ object should behave in the same manner, but if the REQ condition is no longer met, then the object should no longer apply to the PC.

FEAT with a REQ that is assigned but no longer met, should be Flagged as not being MET.