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We need to align the terminology in the LST editor with the terminology in the docs. The relevant doc pages are PCC and LST Files Explained and Important Things to Know. The specific changes would be:

  • Primary token (as shown in tab 1) becomes Object Type
  • Token becomes Object (also often referred to as Rules Object or Rules Item)
  • Sub-token becomes Tag

If PCC file editing is allowed it will present a few challenges. It allows any object to be added and also has its own special entries. Unlike in the regular LST files there are not objects as such but references to other files, metadata, rules switches and settings values. See PCC files

As we are expecting to have multiple editor instances viewable, what are the rules for interaction between editing windows? Can a user have the same LST file up in two editors? If so, how are changes propagated between them? Can the user edit the same LST Object in two editors (I'd recommend against this). Interaction rules may be easier to enforce with the suggested changes to the file selection area below.

File Selection Area

The file selection area has a lot of info and I think you have covered the major functions well. A potential enhancement is to focus on display by making the area a display area with a button which brings up a roomier dialog to allow selection of the PCC file, LST file and context.


PCC: my_dataset/my__campaign.pcc LST: my_abilities.lst |CHANGE| Context: SRD 3.5 for Game Masters (includes Monsters) (35e mode)

When the dialog then comes up the context can be filled in by any PRECAMPIAGN entries in the PCC file and allow the user to change this list.

When adding a new file, both the Object type and the file name will need to be selected.

Tab 1

Generally, the left hand list will only show one entry, the Object Type that the LST file contains (as specified in the selected PCC file. As noted above, PCC files are the exception here as it will include a raft of possible tags. That in itself may be reason enough to deal with PCC files separately.

The right hand list would then show the defined objects of the selected type, if any.

Tab 2

  • It is not obvious where the "primary token area" area is on the mock-up. This one is an import piece of context.
  • The All tag was a bit confusing at first, but I take it this will display the whole object and all its tags.
  • Renaming the 'Parse' button to 'Check' might make its function more obvious to the first time user without discouraging experienced users.
  • When Auto-parse is checked, when does a parse get triggered and how does this affect things like typing and current focus? We might want to leave this feature for a later enhancement.
  • When editing, most objects are single line only. Class is the exception, allowing multiple lines that must start with a tag or a level number (or be a comment or blank line). This info will be essential to convey in this tab somehow.

Tab 3

  • Reload might be better named 'Revert'